Why Cocoon?

It was Mother Nature herself who set the standard in luxurious homes—a cocoon. A sanctuary that covers you in softness.
A home, which though temporary, envelopes you in warmth.
A nesting place where you can safely let nature take its course and you come out renewed and invigorated.
It is luxury that is relaxing and serene, rather than decadent and indulgent.
It is pleasure that is refined and subdued, rather than opulent.

At Cocoon Boutique Hotel in Quezon City, we took our cue from Mother Nature herself and created our own standard of green luxury. Pleasurable serenity is replicated in the sleep and bath experience we offer our guests. Metamorphosis is made possible with in-hotel facilities where the body is refreshed (aesthetic clinic), rejuvenated (spa & salon), and nourished (specialty restaurants). And warmth and sunshine are mirrored in the smiles of our staff and their discreet way of attending to your every need.

This is luxury the way Mother Nature would have intended it.

Our Story

Caring for and nurturing the environment is at heart of everything we do at Cocoon. This makes us stand out among Quezon City Hotels. From our amenities, to our cooling systems, to our décor, sustainability is built into every detail of our structure. We strive to provide the ultimate in comfort to our guests, with the least impact on the earth and her delicate eco-system.

Owners Atty. Boy and Gigi Vinzon believe in doing business based on the simple axiom of giving and offering the highest standards of luxury without taking anything away from the environment.

Their pioneering instinct foresees a growing trend around the world where travelers will expect and demand that their choice accommodations are luxurious yet sustainable

Our Emblem

Our story is one where luxury just naturally flows with the guiding principles of responsibility—a story of balance, of environmentally sustainable luxury.

Our emblem, depicted by a plant, is a symbol of life. On its own, it reminds us all of the need to consciously help care for the environment.

The same emblem is a visual representation of the precious resources that we need to conserve. The flower represents energy radiating from the sun, and the leaves as an image of gushing water. Finally, the same emblem symbolizes the human figure, the flower as a head and leaves as outstretched arms. This represents our interaction with the community. Designed for the health and well-being of our guests and staff, we aim for sustainable relationships with the community.

These varying interpretations converge in one emblem. It embodies our mission, which we embrace: to be the Philippines’ first deluxe boutique hotel that is truly green – thus, where luxury is responsible.