Use of used lighting fixtures

Use of reclaimed wood

Use of natural & renewable materials such as woodstone

Use of indoor plants

Limit traffic access by use of RFID key car system

Fresh cool generated from Heat Recovery System

Use of used lighting fixtures

Waste segregation program

Use of reclaimed wood

Absorption-type mini refrigirators

Inverter type air conditioners using non-ozone-damaging R4104A refrigerant

Fresh cool generated from Heat Recovery System

Linen reuse program

Fresh air circulation in guestrooms through natural positive-negative air pressure

Fixed windows for sound insulation

Use of large windows for natural lighting

Lower operable awning window to allow fresh air

Dual piping system for separate grey & potable water

Water saving siphonic jet toilet flushing

Water saving faucets with aerators

Water-saving faucets with aerators

Eco-certified 100% organic bathroom amenities

Toilet reuse program

Use of eco-friendly cleaning materials throughout the hotel

100% use of LED lightning

LED chandeliers

Use of low-e laminated glass & insulated double glazed glass for windows and doors

Roof garden as "quarantine" for indoor plants

100% use of LED lighting

LED chandeliers

Use of Low-e laminated glass & insulated double glaze glass for windows and doors’

Rain & ground water harvesting for toilet flushing, plant irrigation & general house cleaning

Use of insulation on metal roofing

Reclaimed all wood, metal roofing and steel grills of demolished structure on site

Use of canopies for natural sun shading & protection from rain

Sustainable site as a hotel in Quezon City near hospitals, malls, fresh produce markets, supermarkets, dining and entertainment center, schools, churches, media centers, government agencies, corporation etc.